This is a pure
CSS challenge:
no javascript,
no extra HTML

We have a container (e.g. an ‘outer’ div) and inside this container we have N boxes with constrained width (i.e. width or max-width is specified). We want to lay out the boxes side by side, as many as fit inside the viewport, and we want the outer container to wrap these boxes as tightly as possible (considering, of course, all padding and margins). The container (and thereby the collection of boxes inside it) should be centered inside the viewport.

The problem here is that we want to lay out the inner boxes (almost) without taking the outer box into consideration, and then lay out the outer box as if it had {width: 100%; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto}.

A suboptimal solution

There is, in fact, a suboptimal solution for this challenge. The idea is to fix the container width based on the width necessary to wrap the actual number of boxes that would fit at a given viewport width, and then let the box fill the container as appropriate (I prefer a display: inline-block, without floats, since this spaces out the boxes evenly).

For example, if we know that, considering padding and margins, the container would have to be large 33em when holding only one box, and that only one box would fit with a viewport smaller than 66em, and that only two boxes would fit with a viewport smaller than 98em, etc, we could use something like the following:

@media (max-width: 98em) {
    #content {
        width: 66em;
@media (max-width: 66em) {
    #content {
        width: 33em;

Now, the reason why this is a horrible solution. To work perfectly, it requires the following things to be known:

  • the number of boxes (one media query for each ‘additional box’ configuration is needed),
  • the width of each box (note that the solution works regardless of whether the boxes have the same or different widths, as long as each box width is known, in the order in which they are to be laid out).

The challenge proper

The question is: is it possible to achieve this effect without knowing the number of boxes and without writing an infinite (nor a ‘reasonably high’) number of media queries? Even a solution in the case of fixed, equal-width boxes would be welcome.