I'm not a native English speaker and neither is my wife, but since we don't live in an English-speaking country and our kids are still too young, English is the language we use when we want to talk in front of them about things we don't want them to understand.

My English is also better than hers, so sometimes I do correct her, as I know it's appreciated. This is how my wife recently discovered that the simple past and past participle of «read» sound exactly like «red». I also took the opportunity to mention that this is the pun behind the riddle:

«What is black and white and red all over?»

To which she replied:

«A penguin.»

(The classic answer is actually «a newspaper», because it's black and white, and read all over.)

So my obvious reaction:

«What? What's red in a penguin? The beak?»

And she:

«Penguins are books


She got me. She got me good.

(To make things worse, the penguin answer is also horribly close to the anti-joke answer to the riddle: a badger in a blender.)