No more than two weeks later, Stark was found dead in his own apartment. The cause of death was determined to be heart failure, caused by a lethal cocktail of alcohol and antidepressants.

Stark didn't leave quietly. On the opposite, it was the cessation of the screams and of the pounding and crashing noises coming from his apartment that had finally triggered the police call that resulted in the discovery of his dead body.

According to the landlady, Mr. Stark had always been a troublesome, noisy tenant. The other tenants actually enjoyed the times when he didn't make it back home due to his work, as it was a vacation from his loud swearing, kicking and stomping around. His forced leave from work had initially worried Mr. Stark's neighbors, but his first days home had been surprisingly quiet.

The landlady was pretty sure it was depression, she knew how much Mr. Stark was attached to his work, and having been left out had probably destroyed his life for good. Although she couldn't explain why his last days were so loud, but from the conditions the apartment was found in, as well as the attested cause of death, had the landlady convinced that Mr. Stark had become a drunkard, not an unusual condition for someone in his situation, and had probably lost his mind.

Stark's apartment was thrashed. Shelves and cupboards had been ripped from the walls and lied across the apartment, their contents spilled all over the floors. The scene had many of the traits of the aftermath of a fight, but there were no signs of a break-in, and none of the tenants, nor the landlady, had ever seen anyone come visit Mr. Stark.

The doctor believed it possible for the rampage to have been caused by Stark himself, while fighting the hallucinations caused by his excessive drinking and antidepressant consumption, and particularly by the combinations of the two that had ultimately led to his death.

The case was closed.