The car came to a screeching halt just a few yards beyond the checkpoint. Stark stepped out, followed by two of his men.

«God I hate this part of the city.»

«Well, we don't like your kind here either.»

«Woohoo, we got a smartass over here! Who said that? WHO. SAID. THAT.» Stark looked around him until his eyes met with those of a man standing on the border of the circle the crowd had formed around the car. «Guys, bring him here.»

The other two policemen grabbed the man by his arms and walked him to stand in front of Stark.

«So, Mr. Smartass, since you seem to like it quick and dirty, let's get straight to the punch» and he punched the man in the guts «line.» The man dropped to his knees, and Stark grabbed him by his hair «So, do you happen to know where I can find Mollica, Vincent ‘Quippy’ Mollica?»

«Fuck you.»

«Jesus.» Stark dropped the man's hair, and brought the hand to cover his eyes «Why do you guys always have to make it so hard.» He rolled out his gun, and waved it in front of the man. «OK, let's try one more time, gently. A Mr. Vincent Mollica, do you know where I can find him?»

«I said fuck you.» repeated the man.

Stark grabbed the man by the nose and forced the gun in his mouth. «Let's try this one more time, gently.» and this time Stark was shouting «Vincent Mollica, asshole, do you know where I can find Vincent Mollica?»

«I ‘aid ‘uck you.» repeated the man, unfazed by the gun in his mouth.

«Oh, fuck you.» Stark pulled the trigger. The shot blew the back of the man's head out, and Stark let the body drop to the ground.

«You're not going to get far with that kind of attitude, mister.» said another voice from the crowd.

«Oh, Jesus, this place is crawling with smartasses. Ok, Mr. Smartass #2, come out of the crowd before I start shooting random people.» A man stepped out of the crowd. «So, Mr. Smartass #2, let's hear what you have against this attitude of mine.»

«Nothing, mister, it's just that you killed the man you were looking for.»

Stark burst into laughter and stopped as abruptly. «OK, guys, search Mr. Smartass #1 over there, see if he has any ID. As for you» the gun was still pointing as the other man «I hope you have some ID on you as well or you'll have to come with us to the station.»

«Sir,» the corporal handed to Stark what he had found on the body «driving license and, uh, passport, sir.»

Stark sheathed his gun and grabbed what the corporal was handing him «Guy was a traveler, uh?» he looked the at the driving license first «Fuck.» his voice was much lower now. He franticly went for the passport «Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.» He stood still and silent for a moment «OK, guys, grab that body, we going home. As for you, Mr. Smartass #2, consider yourself lucky today.»

The other man didn't even bother to reply, and just looked over as Stark and his men climbed back in the car dragging the dead body of Vincent Mollica with them.

At the checkpoint, the car was stopped again. Stark rolled down his window and shouted «Jesus fucking Christ, man, we just went through!»

«Sorry sir, just doing my duty sir.»

«Well, speed it up if you don't want to end up like him.» Stark shoved Mollica's head through the window.

«Yes, sir, you're free to go sir.» the sergeant saluted, and as the car rolled by he murmured «Asshole» in its general direction. His voice was apparently not low enough, as the car stopped and rolled back.

«What was that, soldier?»

«Sir, that's a fricking ugly asshole you got there with you, sir.»

Stark kept the man on pins and needles as he pondered, then he said «You're quick on your feet, soldier, I like that. I might even consider forgetting that you tried to insult me and give you a recommendation.»

«Sir.» the sergeant saluted again, this time keeping silent until the car was gone.

Stark had had enough with idiots and inconveniences. He was also quite pissed off by the way the Mollica affair had turned around. Still, when an unknown, deep voice came out of the car radio just as the car was rolling into the station garage, he was the only one quick to recognize the threat in the message:

«Bye bye, gentlemen.»

Stark managed to slam his door open and jump out just as car blew up.